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Genesis Dental Assistant School’s Career Placement Assistance is the best in the industry!

Since we began tracking in 2008 our graduates find jobs within 3 months of graduating 89.8% of the time. 


Due to our long history of training dental assistants and because of the high quality of our graduates we have developed a network of dentists and dental offices who use us as a resource to find new dental assistants. Every single semester there are multiple offices looking to hire new employees or looking for an extern. We provide our students with these inside leads.


The secret to this level of success is a 3 Step Process!!


Gain the Skills and the Confidence


This first step is the foundation of the program. It is critical that you dedicate yourself to the course work. If you faithfully follow the program then the tasks you practice again and again during class will become second nature.


During the second half of your semester Genesis Dental’s instructors will help you secure a location for externship hours. These hours can be done in anyone of our Genesis Dental locations or in another dental office of your choosing. It is vital that you complete the 80 externship hours required for the Dental Assistant Program. These externship hours will increase your knowledge, skill, and confidence. Most importantly, you will become comfortable working in a dental office on actual dental patients.  


Get Ready for the Job Search    


Genesis Dental Assistant School dedicates one entire class to this important part of your training. Because of our 10 dental practice locations, over a period of 25 years, we have reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed and hired hundreds of dental assistants. We know what makes a difference and will help you to stand out. 


All students receive guidance in preparing an effective resume that highlights their training, skills, and understanding of the dental field. We will work with you as you create, revise, and perfect your resume. We, also, practice interviews together, provide feedback on how to successfully answer common interview questions, and how to make a first impression that is impactful and lasting.


Nail the Working Interview!!


While many dentists may still have a traditional interview, oftentimes, the traditional interview is skipped and you may be asked to come in for a Working Interview. The working interview is the key to getting a job as a dental assistant. During a working interview you will go to the office dressed in your scrubs. You will be asked to work with the other employees in the office. There you have the opportunity to show your practical skills like taking X-rays, performing sterilization, and chair-side assisting.



SKIP steps 2 and 3


The real secret to getting a job is to go to multiple dental offices in the area where you live or desire to work. Ask if they are hiring either now or in the near future. When they say yes tell them you are a dental assistant student and would like to get some externship hours in their office. This is easy to do since offices love to get a little free labor and a chance to see you in action before they hire you. We have a letter you can take with you and can help you prepare for this visit. Once you have selected 2-3 offices then go 1-2 times to each office. After that do all your remaining externship hours in the one office that you are the most comfortable. Most of the time they will offer you a job before you have even graduated.