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What We Do?

We specialize in taking anyone with an interest in dental assisting and a desire to learn (absolutely NO experience is needed) and getting them 100% ready to get a job as a dental assistant in just 10 short weeks. We are very good at it. Since 2008 (which is when we started tracking) 89.6% of our students got jobs as dental assistants within 3 months of graduating. Amazingly, 27% have jobs before they even graduate. Our program was the first in the country to train dental assistants in an actual practicing dental office. Unlike many school settings where learning is mostly achieved by listening to dry lectures and reading boring textbooks, our program is very hands-on. The majority of the learning is done by hands-on practice during class time using actual dental equipment. Over 30 years of refining and perfecting the curriculum and the teaching process has resulted in the best dental assistant training program in the country.

Who We Are?

Unquestionably, the secret to our success is our amazing staff. Being around for so long has enabled us to find the best-of-the-best, the cream-of-the-crop. We do anonymous surveys at the end of each class and ask all kinds of questions about what the students liked and what they think we can do to improve. When they tell us what their favorite thing was about the class, we get five times as many responses about how much they loved the instructors vs any other response. Friendly, patient, cheerful, willing to stay late or come in early, really-know-their-stuff, believed in my potential, and pushed me to be my best – these are the 7 most common responses we get about our remarkable instructors.

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Why We Do it?

Everyone works to provide for themselves and their family, but it is more than that for us. Most students who take the course will have their life changed forever. We treasure being a part of that process. Here are just a few examples:

  • A young 18-year-old woman took our course. Got started in the dental field. Several years later she went back to school to become a dental hygienist.
  • A young single mom worried about finding a career took our course. Afterward, she had hope and excitement about her future she had never previously had before.
  • After years of being out of the workforce, a mom of four finds it necessary to work again. After the course she got a job making nearly double what she was making at the job she held while taking the course.
  • Concerned parents whose son did poorly in high school and whose life was not going in the right direction helped enroll him in our class. Finding success in the class built a confidence in the student and his life turned around completely.
  • A student whose education was in a different country was having a hard time finding any kind of decent job. Took the course became an assistant, later transferred to working in management and now runs a dental office.