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Today is the Beginning of your new Career

Our program is 10 weeks. It is not 6, 12, or 18 months. We will not waste your time teaching you subjects that have little relevance to the everyday work of a dental assistant. We do not inflate the curriculum in order to justify a longer program

Our program was started in 1987 and was the first in the country to train dental assistants in an actual practicing dental office. We do not teach in a vocational classroom using antiquated or non-functioning equipment. You will be trained on state of the art equipment in an operating dental practice by dental professionals who actually practice dentistry everyday. You will receive maximum hands-on practice accompanied by audio-visual teaching aids

Top Reasons to Choose Genesis

We specialize in taking anyone with an interest in dental assisting and a desire to learn (absolutely NO experience is needed) and getting them 100% ready to get a job as a dental assistant in just 10 short weeks.

  • We’ve been around the longest – We invented the train-in-an-operating-dental-practice concept

  • Highest placement percentage – 89.6% graduates get jobs

  • Brand new modern, facility

  • Most Finance Options available

  • We’ve trained the most students of any program in the last 10 years

Unquestionably, the secret to our success is our amazing staff. Being around for so long has enabled us to find the best-of-the-best, the cream-of-the-crop. We do anonymous surveys at the end of each class and ask all kinds of questions about what the students liked and what they think we can do to improve. When they tell us what their favorite thing was about the class, we get five times as many responses about how much they loved the instructors vs any other response. Friendly, patient, cheerful, willing to stay late or come in early, really-know-their-stuff, believed in my potential, and pushed me to be my best – these are the 7 most common responses we get about our remarkable instructors.

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